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PCB Prototyping

Mercury S&SG offer premium PCB prototyping services, but without the cost premiums often associated with fast-turnaround rapid PCB prototyping, enabling customers to get their products proven in the fastest time.

Design for cost service

We offer suggestions for alternative parts on the build, whilst meeting the performance requirements, may have significant cost savings over the specified parts and greater availability. Working with Mercury at this crucial stage adds great value to the project, especially in the long term.

By optimising the BOM and PCB layout, the cost of material and assembly along with availability can be accurately forecasted offering stability beyond the initial trial batches.

We work with free issue components, as well as full or partial procurement.

PCB Assembly Service

Surface Mount (SMT) PCB assembly is achieved with fully automated lines with a throughput of 30,000 components per hour, combined with a flexibility to handle a wide range of components, conventional through hole and hybrid PCBs, enable us to offer a high performance flexible PFB assembly service.

The level of automation means we are well placed to assemble larger volumnes of PCBs in hours, as well as having cells focused on small batches that are regularly monitored in allerdanes with IPC-A-610 standards and our stringent quality processes.

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Cable Assembly Services

Mercury S&SG offer a complete wiring serivce from single cables to complex looms, to produce one-off prototype through to high-volume assemblies.

We are experienced with handling most cable and connector types and have specialist equipment for coax, ribbon, flat cable, and RF semi-rigid.

Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing Service

Mercury S&SG enables you to have your products shipped to stock, or directly to your customer, removing storage and logistic demands from you and your premises.

We offer the highest quality turnkey electronics manufacturing solution with maximum value to the client, means that your requirement will be met.

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